Associate Medical Director (Raleigh, NC)

Position Title: Associate Medical Director for Assessment Services

Supervisor: Medical Director

The Associate Medical Director (AMD) is responsible for working closely with the CPEP participant, overseeing the Structured Clinical Interview (SCI), and writing the final assessment report following a CPEP competency assessment. The AMD conducts the initial call to the participant, reviews materials pertinent to the evaluation, oversees the SCI, and works closely with the Medical Director to develop and personalize the assessment evaluation activities. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the AMD produces a comprehensive report which analyzes the participant’s performance and provides educational recommendations based on the overall results. Training is provided and ongoing support and guidance is available from the CPEP Medical Director.

The AMD works closely with the Medical Director to ensure objectivity and clinical integrity of the final report.

These services are paid per assessment, on a contractual basis. Compensation is determined by the assessment scope, up to $1,500.


Associate Medical Directors oversee approximately one to three clinical competence assessments per month. The average time spent per assessment is approximately 15-20 hours.


CPEP Associate Medical Directors report that they enjoy being a part of helping other physicians and giving back to their profession.

Contact Alisa Johnson at 303-577-3232, for more information.