Clinical Writer and Evaluation Specialist (Denver)

Job Title: Clinical Writer and Evaluation Specialist (Physician Assistant or Advanced Practice Nurse)

Job Location:  Denver, Colorado

Schedule: 4 – 5 days per week

CPEP is a mission-driven non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare here in Colorado and beyond. We help physicians and other clinicians from across the U.S. in our competence Assessment and Reentry to Clinical Practice (RCP) Programs.  We conduct comprehensive evaluations to help the participants gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.  Through our personalized education process they improve their knowledge, judgment and skills. With CPEP’s help, these professionals learn, grow, and continue to serve the patients and communities who need them.

Interested in joining our team? We’re looking for a PA or APN who is interested in clinical writing as well as clinician skills evaluation.   The successful candidate will help coordinate clinical competence/skills Assessments and RCP Evaluations and write our in-depth reports.  Depending on the candidate’s availability this can be 4 or 5 days a week (80% or 100% time).

Primary Responsibilities:

Staff position with responsibility for assisting in the design and conduct of personalized competence Assessments and RCP Evaluations of a participant’s clinical abilities and for generating written reports of findings and recommendations.

Duties Include:

  • Design personalized CPEP Assessments/RCP Evaluations.
  • Conduct intake calls with participants to gain insight into the reasons prompting referral and to determine the participant’s scope of practice.
  • Oversee approximately 1 – 3 Assessments and RCP Evaluations per month.
  • Write 4 – 8 Assessment or RCP reports per month.  This includes review of clinical analysis information provided by Associate Medical Directors and writing reports detailing the participant’s performance, including findings, conclusions and recommendations.  More than 50% of this position’s time will be devoted to clinical writing.


  • The candidate must be a Physician Assistant or Advanced Practice Nurse.
  • Must hold an active and unrestricted Colorado professional license and current national certification in his/her profession.
  • Prior experience in clinical practice is preferred.
  • Must have strong analytical skills and excellent writing skills.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs and data management programs.
  • Must demonstrate the capacity to work in a team setting, to think strategically, and to approach problems from a constructive and collaborative perspective.

For more information, please contact Alisa Johnson at or 303-577-3232

Associate Medical Director for Education (Denver)

Job Title: Associate Medical Director (AMD) – Education Services

Job Location:  Denver, Colorado

Schedule: 10 – 15 hours per week

This person is responsible to provide direct client services and provide clinical support to CPEP’s Educational Intervention Program participants.  The person in this position is expected to support an atmosphere at CPEP that conveys respect and concern toward participants and an overall ethic of accountability.  The person is also expected to maintain objectivity in all proceedings with participants and referring organizations.   


Provide education monitoring services for participants in CPEP Educational Intervention Program:

  • Assist staff in development of Education Plans and identification of appropriate educational resources to address participant needs.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled conference calls with Participant and preceptors.
  • Review medical records and written materials submitted by the Participant.
  • Review the Participant’s activities and progress in the Educational Intervention.
  • Guide staff in addressing problems with Participant progress in plans.
  • Follow policies and procedures established by CPEP in the development, monitoring, and reporting of Educational Intervention services.
  • (Assist staff with organizational needs and process improvement activities.)


Must have an active medical license (without restrictions or stipulations) or be eligible to obtain active licensure, and be board-certified in an ABMS specialty.   Prior experience in primary care clinical practice (i.e., family medicine, internal medicine) required; prior experience in graduate medical education strongly preferred.  Must have very strong analytical and writing skills, computer skills, and superb communication skills.

For more information, please contact Mary Minobe at or 303-577-3232

Physician Consultants (Denver, CO)

CPEP is one of the few national centers for personalized physician evaluation and education. Over 1,000 physicians in 53 specialties have participated in the program since we started in 1990.

Each Assessment participant participates in three clinical interviews with consultants who are matched to the participant’s specialty. CPEP currently seeks to increase its pool of consultants in several different specialty areas.

Responsibilities include:

Reviewing eight to ten charts submitted by the participant; Conducting a 90-minute interview with the participant, who will be accompanied by a CPEP Associate Medical Director; Dictate (service provided by CPEP) or write a two to three page report of the discussion and chart review.

The number of interviews you conduct is dependent upon your availability and CPEP’s participant needs. You could conduct as little as one interview per year or as many as two per month.


CPEP’s clinical consultants are experienced physicians who are highly regarded by their peers. In order to maintain the quality and validity of the Assessment process, physician consultants must hold an active medical license, board-certification in their specialty, and have practiced within the past 24 months. CPEP will request a copy of your curriculum vita and that you speak with our Medical Director before conducting your first interview.

An honorarium is provided for this service. Additionally, you can earn COPIC points for conducting CPEP interviews (details provided upon request). This is a great opportunity for you to help other physicians improve their patient care.

Click here to download the pdf: Physician Consultants Needed

CPEP Consultants understand that increasing the knowledge and clinical skills of one physician can improve the lives and safety of hundreds of patients. Our consultants enjoy being a part of the process that enhances patient care as well as raising the standard of their specific specialty and the practice of medicine as a whole.

Please consider providing this needed service to the physician community in your specialty by serving as a CPEP clinical consultant. To learn more about the role of clinical consultant or about the services offered by CPEP, call Amanda Besmanoff at 303.577.3232 or fill out your information on the “Contact Us” page.

Click here to download the pdf: Colorado Medicine Magazine: Sept/Oct 2010 edition

Associate Medical Director for Assessment (Denver, CO)

Job Title: Associate Medical Director (AMD) – Assessment Services

Schedule: 4-8 days/month, preferably in segments of two consecutive days
This person is responsible for the clinical oversight of the individualized assessments of a physician-participant’s clinical abilities. The AMD will review materials pertinent to evaluation, work with the Medical Director to develop assessment components, and work directly with the participant during the assessment. Additionally, the AMD will produce a comprehensive written report that analyzes the participant’s performance and provides educational recommendations.


Provide direct oversight of a minimum of two clinical competence Assessments per month:

  • Conduct CPEP Assessments, the evaluation of a participating physician to determine the level of current medical knowledge and clinical skill, and to identify deficiencies, if any, with sufficient detail to determine whether education and training can correct such deficiencies.
  • Prepare Assessment Report for each participant for whom direct oversight was provided consistently meeting CPEP report submission requirements.
  • Assist CPEP staff in compiling pre-assessment information to determine scope of all Assessments.
  • Work with Assessment staff to ensure clinical integrity and consistency of Assessments.


Must have an active medical license or be eligible to obtain active license, and be board-certified in ABMS specialty. Prior experience in clinical practice is required. Optimally, this person will have experience working with state licensing boards, hospital peer review committees or medical staff leadership as well as experience in physician education activities (residency precepting or faculty activities). Must have very strong analytical and writing skills, computer skills, and superb communication skills.

For more information, please contact Alisa Johnson at or 303-577-3232

Associate Medical Director (Raleigh, NC)

Position Title: Associate Medical Director for Assessment Services

Supervisor: Medical Director

The Associate Medical Director (AMD) is responsible for working closely with the CPEP participant, overseeing the Structured Clinical Interview (SCI), and writing the final assessment report following a CPEP competency assessment. The AMD conducts the initial call to the participant, reviews materials pertinent to the evaluation, oversees the SCI, and works closely with the Medical Director to develop and personalize the assessment evaluation activities. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the AMD produces a comprehensive report which analyzes the participant’s performance and provides educational recommendations based on the overall results. Training is provided and ongoing support and guidance is available from the CPEP Medical Director.

The AMD works closely with the Medical Director to ensure objectivity and clinical integrity of the final report.

These services are paid per assessment, on a contractual basis. Compensation is determined by the assessment scope, up to $1,500.


Associate Medical Directors oversee approximately one to three clinical competence assessments per month. The average time spent per assessment is approximately 15-20 hours.


CPEP Associate Medical Directors report that they enjoy being a part of helping other physicians and giving back to their profession.

Contact Alisa Johnson at 303-577-3232, for more information.

Physician Consultants (Raleigh, NC)


To promote quality patient care and safety by enhancing the competence of physicians and other healthcare professionals.


The cornerstone evaluation activity of a CPEP assessment is the Structured Clinical Interview (SCI). The SCI is a 90-minute interview at either the physician consultant’s office or at CPEP’s Raleigh office. During the SCI, the consultant will evaluate the participant’s medical knowledge, clinical judgment and reasoning, communication style, and in some cases, documentation skills. A CPEP Associate Medical Director is present during the interview to provide oversight and guidance.

Approximately one week prior to the SCI, the consultant will receive instructions and topic coverage for the interview along with eight to ten charts to review. The interview discussion is then based on the client’s charts (when available), actual and/or hypothetical cases from the consultant’s practice, as well as the medical topics assigned by CPEP. Upon completion of the SCI, we ask that consultants provide a summary report of the interview as well as the findings of the chart review. Training is provided and a report template is also available. An honorarium of $350 to $450 is typically provided for these services.


Consultants participate in as many assessments as they wish. Interview requests are typically made via email and consultants can accept or decline based on their availability. On average, consultants participate in one to six assessments yearly.


CPEP consultants report that they enjoy being a part of helping other physicians, they learn a great deal from the experience, and that conducting an SCI helps them to stay current in their own medical knowledge and keeps their clinical skills sharp.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Amanda Besmanoff at 919-238-6436,

Click here to download the pdf: Colorado Medicine Magazine: Sept/Oct 2010 edition