Part-Time Clinical Consultants (Raleigh, NC)


CPEP, the Center for Personalized Education for Professionals (, is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to provide clinical skills assessment and education services for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Over the past 30 years, CPEP has worked with approximately 7,000 clinicians in over 80 specialties from all 50 states and seven Canadian provinces.

CPEP has offices in Raleigh, NC and Denver, CO.



The cornerstone evaluation activity of a CPEP assessment is the Structured Clinical Interview (SCI). The SCI is a 90-minute interview at either the clinical consultant’s office or at CPEP’s Raleigh office. During the SCI, the consultant will evaluate the participant’s medical knowledge, clinical judgment and reasoning, communication style, and in some cases, documentation skills. A CPEP Associate Medical Director is present during the interview to provide oversight and guidance.

Approximately one week prior to the SCI, the consultant will receive instructions and topic coverage for the interview along with eight to ten charts to review. The interview discussion is then based on the client’s charts (when available), actual and/or hypothetical cases from the consultant’s practice, as well as the medical topics assigned by CPEP. Upon completion of the SCI, we ask that consultants provide a summary report of the interview as well as the findings of the chart review. Training is provided and a report template is also available. An honorarium is typically provided for these services.


Consultants participate in as many assessments as they wish. Interview requests are typically made via email and consultants can accept or decline based on their availability. On average, consultants participate in one to six assessments yearly.


CPEP consultants report that they enjoy being a part of helping other clinicians, they learn a great deal from the experience, and that conducting an SCI helps them to stay current in their own medical knowledge and keeps their clinical skills sharp.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Amanda Besmanoff at 303-577-3232,