Seminars and Courses

Non-Profit Resources for Healthcare Professionals

In addition to competence assessment and reentry programs, CPEP offers a range of intensive professional education seminars and courses. All of them are designed to fulfill licensing board or credentialing requirements for remedial education, and most are suitable for healthcare professionals who simply wish to improve their skills in critical areas.

These courses are stand-alone programs and do not require an assessment prior to enrolling.

Choose one of the courses below to learn more or get started:

All CPEP seminars will be conducted by video conference

Improving Inter-Professional Communication

Medical Record Keeping Seminar

Prescribing Controlled Drugs

PROBE: Ethics & Boundaries Program – United States

PROBE: Ethics & Boundaries Program – Canada


“The faculty… allowed us to express ourselves, helped us to find words, never were condescending or judgmental, always were clear and concise and easy to understand and follow.”

On the evening of the second day my son, feeling depressed and helpless about job prospects leaving college, called and I was able to help him with some of the coping strategies that we discussed that very day!

“Because of this course, I will chart my thought process better and more accurately. The information on EMR was very insightful and valuable.”