DiSC Behavior Profile: Insights into Effective Teaming

Welcome to DiSC. As you may recall, you completed your DiSC assessment as part of your seminar pre-work. The resulting analysis and interpretation will provide your DiSC Workplace Behavior Profile.

We ask you to complete the DiSC assessment because the results and explanation provide insights into how you interact and communicate with others. We will use this information throughout the seminar, and you can carry your newfound self-awareness into the future. You will also be prepared to better understand how others communicate and what drives their behavior.

Awareness is the first step to modulating communication and interpersonal style. In this module, you will learn about your DiSC style, the priorities that drive you, and your motivators and stressors. Every style brings strengths to interpersonal relating and can also be challenging. The content in this section also provides opportunities to learn more about how others may be perceiving you.

We encourage you to carefully consider your style, what motivates you, what stresses you, and how you might modify your approach to complex interpersonal relations, including times of conflict and when you are triggered.

Module 1 Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about DiSC® and the Everything DiSC Workplace® Map
  • Gain self-awareness by identifying your style and exploring the priorities that drive you
  • Discover similarities and differences among the DiSC styles
  • Learn how to identify the DiSC style of others and how flexing your style can be beneficial