Pre & Post Seminar Assignments

Pre-Seminar Assignments:

It is of utmost importance to complete the LMS portion and all pre-seminar assignments by two weeks prior to the start of the CPEP LIVE seminar portion.

  1. Self-Assessment of Critical Teaming Behaviors:
    1. What led you to be referred to or to participate in this seminar? How were the concerns brought to your attention? Have you heard similar concerns in your past? (Speak specifically to the communication/behaviors you engaged in that were/have been problematic)
    2. Do you believe your communication or behavior negatively impacts others you work with? Are you aware of staff members avoiding or “working around” you regarding patient care or medical team related matters?
    3. What do you believe you need to work on in order to be more effective in your teaming efforts with others? What requests or suggestions do you believe others would have of you regarding improving medical team communication and relationships?
  2. Wiley Everything DiSC for Workplace Profile: A personal link will be sent to you through the LMS to take the DiSC profile assessment. It will come from CPEP with the subject line: Nancy Melear has registered you for: Everything DiSC Workplace Profile. If you do not receive it, please check your SPAM folder.
  3. Required Readings:
  4. Behaviors that Enhance Medical Team Relationships Self-Assessment: Before we get started, we would like you to do an honest assessment of your critical teaming behaviors.

Post-Seminar Assignments:

  1. IIPC Action Plan: this will be discussed throughout the seminar and will be finalized in the LMS by the Wednesday following the end of the seminar.
  2. IIPC Seminar Evaluation: this will be completed in the LMS at the end of the seminar so we can continue to make improvements for future participants.
  3. IIPC CME Declaration: this will be completed in the LMS at the end of the seminar and you will be able to download a copy of the certificate for your records.