CPEP, the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians, offers nationally-renowned physician competency assessment and educational intervention programs for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Other services include ethics and boundaries, communication, and medical record keeping courses. CPEP is dedicated to improving the quality of patient care and promoting patient safety.

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  • Newark, NJ - 9/19/14 - Probe

    Newark, NJ - 09/19/2014

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    ProBE is a 2.5 day, non-adversarial ethics and boundaries intervention program for healthcare professionals and trainees whose licenses or careers are jeopardized by professional misconduct. In-person, small group sessions are team-taught, multidisciplinary, and tailored to each participant’s particular breach, with the aim of achieving remediation and a recommitment to professional ideals.

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Internal Medicine Jobs Unfilled in 2013

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Half of All Primary Care, Internal Medicine Jobs Unfilled in 2013

Nearly 70% of organizations searched for a family medicine physician in 2013. The percentage of primary care positions that go unfilled every year "continues to be a problem," says an Association of Staff Physician Recruiters executive.


2013 Annual Report Now Available

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CPEP is dedicated to improving the quality of patient care and promoting patient safety. Click here to read our 2013 annual report. CPEP, an organization geared for success and growth; has a foundation of values, expertise, and experience both in history and the people who make it happen: CPEP employees, CPEP Board of Directors, and the collaboration of seven Colorado healthcare organizations. Click here to read report.


"During an extremely difficult time, CPEP [staff] were the only people to treat me with respect."

– Vascular Surgeon

"If we ever find problems through our peer review process, we send them to CPEP. It's a wonderful resource."

– Medical Staff Coordinator

"I appreciate the competent, thorough evaluation which CPEP has performed for the Board of Medical Examiners."

– General Practitioner


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