CPEP’s Enhanced Reentry to Clinical Practice Program

Designed for Clinicians who have been Away from Practice on a Voluntary Basis for 10 Years or More

It was the best investment I could have made as a physician

Feedback from an Enhanced Reentry Program participant

CPEP Enhanced Reentry Program

Every year, many physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners consider returning to patient care after a voluntary extended absence (raising a family, time spent in clinical research, early retirement, etc.). For clinicians who have been out of practice for ten years or more, CPEP’s Enhanced Reentry Program is here to help.

Benefits of the Enhanced Reentry Program

  • Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate competence to licensing authorities, credentialing bodies, and to themselves through a comprehensive clinical skills evaluation
  • Participants receive an in-depth education/re-entry plan that helps address educational needs and provides guidance on how to navigate the reentry process with confidence
  • No travel is required; the process is done remotely and completed in the participant’s home community

Who Qualifies for this Program?

This program is appropriate for clinicians who:

  1. Stepped away from practice for voluntary reasons
  2. Plan to return to practice in a clinical area in which they were trained and/or previously practiced
  3. Have been away from direct patient care for 10 years or more

CPEP’s Enhanced Reentry Program is not appropriate for all clinicians and may not be appropriate for all return to practice scenarios/situations.

Purpose of the Enhanced Reentry Program

Many years of working with reentry clinicians has shown that those who have been away from clinical care for 10 years or more typically demonstrate greater educational needs than those who have been away from care for shorter periods of time. In order to help these clinicians return to practice with safety and confidence, both the skills evaluations and education/reentry plans are more robust.