Streamlined Reentry Program

Designed for Clinicians who have been out of Practice on a Voluntary Basis for less than 10 Years

Every year, many physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners consider returning to patient care after a voluntary extended absence (raising a family, early retirement, etc.). CPEP’s Streamlined Reentry Program is here to help.

Benefits of the Streamlined Reentry Program

  • Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate competence to licensing authorities, credentialing bodies, and to themselves
  • Participants receive a practical education/re-entry plan that helps them polish their clinical skills and provides guidance on how to navigate the reentry process with confidence
  • The process is timely, practical, and fits most budgets

Both the evaluation and the education/reentry plan can be completed from a participant’s home or office and do not require any travel.


While the remote evaluation will be completed over a two-day period, the entire process from date of enrollment though issuance of the evaluation report and education/reentry plan is approximately 8 weeks.


The fee for the Streamlined Reentry Program varies by specialty, and ranges from $6,750 through $9,750. The fee includes:

  • Skills/competence evaluation
  • Reentry plan
  • Two hours of consulting on the re-entry process from our experienced education experts
  • Expanded focus areas can be included for an additional fee

If technical skills simulation is needed, additional fees will apply to the base fee above.

Participants also qualify for significant discounts on other useful CPEP services (please call for details).

Who Qualifies for this Program?

This program is appropriate for clinicians who:

  1. Stepped away from practice for voluntary reasons
  2. Plan to return to practice in a clinical area in which they were trained and/or previously practiced
  3. Have been away from direct patient care for fewer than 10 years

CPEP’s Streamlined Reentry Program is not appropriate for all clinicians and may not be appropriate for all return to practice scenarios/situations.