Work at CPEP

Physician Consultants (Denver, CO)

CPEP is one of the few national centers for personalized physician evaluation and education. Over 1,000 physicians in 53 specialties have participated in the program since we started in 1990. Each Assessment participant participates in three clinical interviews with consultants who are matched to the participant’s specialty. CPEP currently seeks to increase its pool of […]

Associate Medical Director for Reentry (Denver, CO)

This person is responsible to provide direct participant services and clinical support primarily to CPEP’s Reentry Program. The AMD will guide reentry program participants through their evaluation and educational activities. The AMD will also assist staff in developing preceptor sites, curriculum and program support materials. This position involves writing and preparation of participant evaluations, progress […]

Associate Medical Director for Assessment (Denver, CO)

Job Title: Associate Medical Director (AMD) – Assessment Services Schedule: 4-8 days/month, preferably in segments of two consecutive days This person is responsible for the clinical oversight of the individualized assessments of a physician-participant’s clinical abilities. The AMD will review materials pertinent to evaluation, work with the Medical Director to develop assessment components, and work […]

Associate Medical Director (Raleigh, NC)

Position Title: Associate Medical Director for Assessment Services Supervisor: Medical Director The Associate Medical Director (AMD) is responsible for working closely with the CPEP participant, overseeing the Structured Clinical Interview (SCI), and writing the final assessment report following a CPEP competency assessment. The AMD conducts the initial call to the participant, reviews materials pertinent to […]

Physician Consultants (Raleigh, NC)

CPEP MISSION To promote quality patient care and safety by enhancing the competence of physicians and other healthcare professionals. OVERVIEW The cornerstone evaluation activity of a CPEP assessment is the Structured Clinical Interview (SCI). The SCI is a 90-minute interview at either the physician consultant’s office or at CPEP’s Raleigh office. During the SCI, the […]