CPEP’s Streamlined Reentry Program

A streamlined process for Family Medicine and General Practice physicians with a Family Medicine Focus

Are You Looking to Get Back into Practice after a Voluntary Absence?

Many clinicians step away from daily patient care for completely voluntary reasons. These may include:

  • A desire to raise a young family
  • Time spent in administrative medicine or research
  • Exploring non-medical career options, or other lifestyle choices

Often, these clinicians want to return to practice and want to do so in a safe and confident manner. CPEP’s RCP Program is here to help.

The Streamlined Approach

CPEP is launching a pilot program aimed at providing a streamlined, cost-effective approach to the reentry process. This program consists of the following components:

  • An objective evaluation of the participants clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment
  • A customized education plan designed to address any educational needs identified through the evaluation
  • Two hours of one-on-one consultation with a CPEP Associate Medical Director in our Education Department

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for this new streamlined approach, participants need to meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The participant must have left practice on a voluntary basis and not due to a disciplinary process or sanction
  2. The participant must be either a family medicine physician or a general practice physician with a focus on family medicine
  3. The participant’s time away from practice must be less than 10 years

What if You Don’t Qualify for the Streamlined Program?

  • If a participant left practice due to sanction or discipline, we will most likely be able to work with them in our standard Clinical Competence Assessment program
  • If a participant is from a specialty other than Family Medicine or General Practice or is a Physician Assistant or Advanced Practice Nurse, they can still qualify or our traditional Re-entry to Clinical Practice program
  • If a participant left practice on a voluntary basis but has been out for 10 years or more, they can still qualify or our traditional Re-entry to Clinical Practice program