Consultant Interviewers Needed

CPEP is one of the few national centers for personalized physician evaluation and education. More than 2,000 clinicians in 80 specialties from all 50 states and two Canadian provinces have participated in the program since we started in 1990.

Each Assessment participant participates in three clinical interviews with consultants who are matched to the participant’s specialty. CPEP currently seeks to increase its pool of consultants in several different specialty areas with a particular focus on family medicine physicians.

Responsibilities include: Reviewing eight to ten charts submitted by the participant; Conducting a 90-minute interview with the participant, who will be accompanied by a CPEP Associate Medical Director; Dictate (service provided by CPEP) or write a two to three page report of the discussion and chart review.

The number of interviews you conduct is dependent upon your availability and CPEP’s participant needs. You could conduct as little as one interview per year or as many as two per month.

Qualifications: CPEP’s clinical consultants are experienced physicians who are highly regarded by their peers. In order to maintain the quality and validity of the Assessment process, physician consultants must hold an active medical license, board-certification in their specialty, and have practiced within the past 24 months. CPEP will request a copy of your curriculum vita and that you speak with our Medical Director before conducting your first interview.

An honorarium is provided for this service. Additionally, you can earn COPIC points for conducting CPEP interviews (details provided upon request). If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact Amanda Besmanoff at 303.577.3232. This is a great opportunity for you to help other physicians improve their patient care.