CPEP Seminars: Live, Interactive Video Education

All CPEP seminars and courses are being conducted remotely through CPEP LIVE™ (LiveInteractive, Video Education).  This approach allows us to deliver high-impact, intensive education to healthcare professionals in a safe, timely, and effective manner.

Feedback from hundreds of healthcare professionals has been overwhelmingly positive, and CPEP LIVE™ is here to stay. In the future, if public health conditions allow, CPEP may offer occasional “in-person” sessions for learners who require that approach.

For more information on CPEP LIVE™, please click here.

Most Skills/Competence Assessments Conducted Remotely

CPEP transitioned to Remote Competence Assessments, Reentry Evaluations, Screens and Re-eligibility Evaluations (“Remote Assessments”) in April of 2020, and the Remote approach will remain our primary model for assessments moving forward.  New processes leveraging available technology for remote testing and interviewing has resulted not only in enhanced safety, but greater convenience and reduced overall costs to participants.

Please note, assessments requiring technical simulations (e.g., surgical simulations, labor and delivery simulations) will still require an in-person component.

For more information, please give us a call, drop us an e-mail (info@cpepdoc.org), or visit the Contact Us page of our website.